Understanding brand stories and bringing them to life is something I absolutely love to do. I've been delighted to work with a range of clients, from small start-ups to larger, established brands.
I have always been drawn to branding since I was small. I have a penchant for perusing Robert Opie's Scrapbooks, looking at packaging designs of the past and being inspired by brand history and stories! 
When I was 13, I saw a competition in The Sunday Times to design a new Mars Bar wrapper for the Millennium. I immediately set to work – in my element – drawing chunky letters, a bold red planet and lightning bolts. To my absolute delight, I won! And I became the proud recipient of a year's supply of Mars Bars. It was in that moment – a Mars Bar in each hand – that I realised this was the life dreams were made of! 
No, not the mountain of chocolate – the designing.
With chocolate nearby.
I couldn't believe some lucky people did that as a job. 
It's a job I LOVE doing.
I have experience in branding, advertising, marketing, motion graphics, illustration and more.
When I'm not designing, you'll find me watching movies and musicals, drinking tea, eating cinnamon buns and going for walks with my family.