Indulge were already an established snack brand in the airline catering world - but they aimed to reach a wider audience in retail. For this new venture, they wanted a brand overhaul, without changing their name. The task was to give the Indulge image more clarity, personality and appeal on the supermarket shelves.
I firstly aimed to define Indulge's brand purpose, in order to translate this on-pack. Indulge was born from a passion for nutritious and delicious snacking – they firmly believe in giving taste buds a treat, without adding any unnecessary artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. So the consumer can Indulge and feel good about it! I created a range of ideas based around the concept of healthy indulgence – fancy corn snacks, that are down to earth. Charismatic corn. Corny, but oh so classy! This message was rolled out across logo design, tagline and packaging. A distinguished farmer character was developed, complete with top hat, curly moustache and touches of gold. He proudly presents his corn produce - it is worthy of a cloche platter unveiling! Establishing the brand purpose helped define tone of voice and other marketing material.

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